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Category :Video Games

About ThunderBoats

ThunderBoats: places you in control of 1 of 6 lightning fast boats. Race against computer controlled oponents or 3 other linked players. Featuring exotic locations such as 'jungle fever, daydream park, flooded city or the lost city of Atlantis.

3 tracks, 6 boats (with jet and propellor propulsion systems), 4 way multiplayer, first person male/female commentary and differing wave heights between tracks.

Product Details for ThunderBoats

  • Also available in kit form
  • Optional ticket dispenser & hand throttle
  • Graphics powered by 3DFX Voodoo 2 chipset
  • Game won't power down if power source is interrupted for short periods
  • Auditing options & difficultly settings
  • Upgradeable with additional game software
  • 3 tracks
  • 6 boats
  • 1-4 players
  • First person male / female commentary
  • Differing wave heights between tracks

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Product Name :ThunderBoats
Category Type :Video Games

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