Time Crisis 3 SD (Japan Model) Arcade Machine

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Time Crisis 3 SD Arcade Machine is the third installment in the ever popular Time Crisis series. Players are treated to longer stages than in Time Crisis 2 and a whole new Weapon Selection System.

With the new weapon change system, when certain enemies or background objects are hit the player will obtain new weapons. Players are now able to pick up weapons during the game and choose which weapon to use. The player is able to switch weapons by using a menu, which appears when pulling the trigger while hiding from the enemy). The player can change weapons by pulling the trigger again. The player can then continue the game using the new weapon. The weapons cycle includes a hand gun, machine gun, hot gun AND grenade bullets.

There are a total of three stages in TC3, which are each significantly longer in length than the previous games in the series. As in previous Time Crisis games, players can play seperately or co-operatively, with the basic Time Crisis premise mantained.

  • 2 Player Cabinet
  • New Weapons feature
  • Longer gameplay

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