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Times Comparison Fish Arcade Machine

Times Comparison Fish Arcade Machine
Product Details
Category :AWP / SWP

About Times Comparison Fish Arcade Machine

Times Comparison Fish Arcade Machine is an exciting fish hunting game with an oceanic theme. Players battle it out on a 55" or 58" High Definiton LCD screen to see who can catch the most profitable fish and win the most points. With the exciting mini games, attractive design and easy game play, players of all skill levels will be drawn time and again.

Time Comparison Fish is different to the other fish hunting style games in the market. What sets this game apart is that the fish are more active and lively, as well as being able to speed up, hide and even escape from the firing range. To play Times Comparison Fish, players simply use the joystick to aim the net gun at a target and when a target is lined up, hit the 'SHOOT' button to try and catch the fish. Players can also use the 'WEAPON' change button to change between the three guns at any time during the game, which have various net sizes and power levels.

The main gameplay of Times Comparison Fish is fun and layered with features or mini-games, which are important to utilize to win the game. The mini game features include:

  • Chain Lightening: players can collect the chain lightening feature and shoot at high scoring fish 10 times in a row and win more points.
  • Hurricane: when players have activated the hurricane feature, they will have the opportunity to defeat all the same kind of fish in the playing field at that point in time.
  • Torpedo: players can collect the torpedo and increase their shooting range and defeat a wider range of fish.
  • Bomb: when players have activated the bomb feature, they are able to place the weapon in any area of the playing field in order to defeat higher scoring fish.

Product Details for Times Comparison Fish Arcade Machine

Screen Sizes Available: 55" or 58" High Definition LCD

Input/Output Options Available:
  • Coin In / Coin Out
  • Coin In / Redemption Ticket Out
  • Coin + Note In / Redemption Ticket Out
  • Note In / Thermal Printer Out
  • Card In / Card out (cashless system)

  • * Only Chinese Version Available **

Product Database
Product Name :Times Comparison Fish Arcade Machine
Category Type :AWP / SWP
Style :Shooting Style Games

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