Tiny Tunes Arcade Machine

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Tiny Tunes Arcade Machine is a music and rhythm machine, that uses a smaller foot print, large LCD screen, and has a bright LED-lit design.

It is a rhythm game tailored for toddlers and the younger age groups to enjoy. The objective is for players to push the 4 large buttons in time with the music - these buttons are very easy to see and hit, as they are shaped like piano keys and are quite large.

The Tiny Tunes arcade machine includes a collection of children’s songs, which are fun and easy to reproduce with the large colorful keys on the dashboard. The game runs on simple rhythm mechanics to monitor player progress through out the song.

The large piano style keys also feature colourful rainbow lights, which players will love, and the whole cabinet uses bright LED lighting to make sure this machine will stand out in any location!

Another great feature of this game, especially for the youngest players, is that kids and parents can play together!

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