Tokyo Cop

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A driving adventure game from Gaelco. The player takes the role as a police agent in an attempt to clear the streets of dangerous criminals in some of Tokyo's hot spots.

Promotions hang in the balance depending on how quickly he can catch the criminals. If time runs out demotion looms menacingly over his head. Different cars will be available at different stages of the game. The criminal element in the game can range from pickpockets to the most wanted criminals in Tokyo.

Each game is different with the player being able to set his own it itinerary to capture criminals. Thanks to a keyboard installed in the cabinet the player can insert his pin number, allowing him to continue the game where he left off, in the same machine or the one that it is linked to.

These machines can even be connected to Internet to increase their scope. Once entered into the system players will be given a file reflecting how many criminals captured, how many of those have escaped from prison, his rank and other stats.

  • Four selectable characters: Isamu, Kazu, Reika or Junko
  • Four dangerous districts: Ginza, Hibiya, Shinjuku and Shibuya
  • Six vehicles in total

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