Universe Arcade Deluxe

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Universe Arcade Deluxe is a arcade styled cabinet that plays PC titles. Today's most popular PC hits are ready for arcade profit, all made possible by the Universe Control Board (UCB). The system includes, as standard, the world's largest and highest resolution monitor for this type of unit. Brace yourself for heart- thumping audio, incredible gameplay, a superior cabinet design for easy game change-out, and many years of profits.

  • Link Up Capabilities
  • Sound System
  • 33" High-Resolution Monitor
  • Removable Control Panel and Replacable Graphics
  • Simple Upgrade to New Software
  • Magnetic Card Integration (Optional)
  • Rugged PC and 4 Cooling Fans
  • Universe Control Board
  • Interchangable Marquees
  • Standard model also available
  • WIDTH: 27 inches
  • LENGTH: 43 inches
  • HEIGHT: 73 inches
  • WEIGHT: 400 lbs.
  • POWER: 120v, 500 watts

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