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A gun game made jointly by Namco-Sega-Wow. Vampire Night is heavily influenced by the "House of the Dead" style of game play.

The game pits two vampire hunters against the vampire hordes lead by the castle's lord and his 4 servants. The game is played by 1 or 2 players simultaneously, and involves a similar style of game play to the "House of the Dead" series by Sega.

The player has a limited amount of life, and must reload once out of ammo. The player can save the innocent villagers with a skill shot, but if the player misses the hapless villager will become a creature of the damned. A new development is the hit part indicator at the top left of the screen, enemies can be destroyed with a single shot to the weakest part of the monster by a marker.

The game is powered by the System 246 board that creates quite realistic graphics and effects. The game setting is a medieval castle revived in the present day. Boss battles are tough because each boss is enhanced by a element such as earth, fire or water enabling the boss to wield these elements to thwart the progress of the player.

If the player manages to defeat the 4 servants of the Vampire Lord and his other minions, the player(s) will face the final showdown with the Lord of the castle.

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