Van Gogh's Colour Workroom (Fusense) Second Generation Photo Booth

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The Van Gogh Colour Workroom (Fusense) second generation photo booth delivers it all; undisputedly the ‘one-stop-shop' for all locations. This masterpiece delivers the classic portrait sketch from any one of 4 infamous artists, or why not have your portrait with a choice of internationally well known back drops produced on a post card.

Players can even input their own phrases on the postcard giving increased value to the experience. However it does not stop there. It‘s unique option to vend the portraits as either a small or large key ring makes Van Gogh's Colour Workroom a market leader. This affordable kiosk not only offers a choice of game styles but will give a fantastic return against investment year after year.


  • 4 Famous Artists to choose from!
  • Vends postcards and key rings!
  • 1 or 2 player!
  • 12 Famous locations, inlcuding Paris, London and New York, to choose from!
  • Large or small optional key rings with portrait!

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