Vewlix C Arcade Cabinet

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Taito's Vewlix C (Capcom) cabinet was originally commissioned by Capcom to introduce Street Fighter 4 in 2009, prior to console release of the game. Capcom based this model on the high spec Vewlix F model to allow for maximum framerate for Street Fighter 4.

The Vewlix C model features red panels, a lag-free screen, and an artwork/sticker-set based on Street Fighter 4, as well as the Capcom logo on the control panel.

  • 2x Flat and 2x Regular Speakers
  • Taito I/O JVS Board (JVS-PAC, Lindbergh & Type X Compatible)
  • 32 inch Sanwa Screen
  • Rotatable Screen
  • Includes Display Card EEFL Light
  • Includes Instruction Panel LED
  • Control Panel is a Capcom 1J7B
  • Front and Back Rocker Switch

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