Video Redemption System

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The VRS allows you to start off with one game such as Solar Spin, then simply convert your VRS cabinet to a new game like Prize Bowl by purchasing a VRS Software kit. Interchangeable control panels will also be available, allowing for easy conversion from say a trackball based game to a joystick, multi-button, gun, or even steering wheel based game.

Because of the incredibly Low Cost to upgrade a VRS you will receive tremendous benefits by being able to rotate exciting new games into your locations on a more frequent basis. The VRS Utilizes PC based technologies.

Progressive Bonus Displays

The VRS features the ability to link up two or more VRS cabinets by purchasing our patented Progressive Bonus Display. Linking up two or more games is a great way to increase your overall earnings as players try to win the ever growing progressive bonus.

  • CD-ROM based updates
  • UL, FCC, & CE listed
  • 27 inch High Resolution VGA monitor
  • 640x480 resolution graphics with Full Motion Video capability
  • 16 bit stereo sound
  • Interchangeable control panels (Factory installed game determines original panel)
  • Ticket dispenser(s)
  • Coupon printer for Insta-Prize
  • Ability to link up several games via the optional VRS Progressive Bonus Display
  • 1 or 2 player game play (based on game)

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