VR Sense Arcade Machine

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VR Sense is a virtual reality arcade machine. It is the first VR simulation machine in the world to include in-built gimmicks to stimulate the five senses.

In order to simulate the full experience, players wear VR headphones and headset, and the 3D chair vibrates and moves according to the VR action. Heaters and air conditioners inside the machine replicate temperature changes, and head and feet pads are included to replicate when something touches the player. If that wasn't enough, VR Sense also includes a fragrance machine that simulates eight unique scents and also doubles as a misting machine.

Includes 6 movies:
  • Dynasty Warrior

  • Dead or Alive Xtreme Sense

  • Horror Sense

  • G1 Jockey Sense

  • Sengoku Coaster

  • Dream Live

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