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Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune 2 is the sequel to Sega's Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune and is linkable for up to four-player head-to-head competition. This updated version features player buy-in, the rewritable "Tuning Card" system, numerous courses and selectable cars.

The new buy-in feature means that players can buy-in at any time during the race, which resets the game to the starting point to make the race equal for all players. The "Tuning Card" data is updated after each game play and the rank, tuning status and number of rivals defeated in the Story Mode are recorded after each match. Players can use their Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune "Tuning Cards" on the new Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune 2 game.

Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune 2 offers 80 episodes in which players can test their racing skills. The Story Mode has 40 episodes, in addition there are four series each containing ten episodes focused on specific characters. It is not necessary for players to repeat episodes to complete the story mode.

A famous, mountainous road in Japan, the Hakone racecourse, is also available in the second edition of Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune, players must negotiate the abrupt hairpin turns on this winding road. The Dawn and Midnight options make the Hakone course extremely difficult to navigate in the bleak darkness and steep terrain.

The game allows players to choose from four game modes: Story Mode, VS. Player Mode, Time Attack Mode and the newly developed 10 Rivals Battle Mode. Players register and tune their car in the Story Mode, then go on to defeat numerous rival characters. Players experience the ultimate racing experience in the VS. Player Mode. In the VS Mode, players can choose whether they wish to play on their own or would like to accept competition with buy ins by simply selecting accept/no accept challenge with a touch of a button. The players' choice can be changed any time during the game. The Time Attack Mode is an expert mode for players that wish to compete with rivals all around the world. In the new 10 Rivals Battle Mode, players must race through five courses with ten levels and defeat the rivals within the time limit.

  • Links up to four players on location.
  • Buy-In feature, players can buy into a race which automatically resets the race.
  • Rewritiable "Tuning Cards" system, data transferable from WMMT.
  • Story Mode has 80 episodes altogether.
  • Famous mountainous road in Japan, the Hakone racecourse, now available in WMMT2.

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