Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune 4

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Namco Bandai has released the latest installment in the Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune street racing series, which is based on the hugely popular comic series, Wangan Midnight. The game has four modes of play:

  • Story Mode (the main mode of gameplay, runs for 60 'episodes') in which the comic characters appear as your rivals.
  • Local Arcade Versus Battle in which you can verse friends in the same arcade, linking up to 4 seats.
  • Time Attack in which you drive alone and race against the clock; and
  • Ghost Versus Battle in which the game customs a car with your habits and style as a driver, allowing you and your friends from all over the world to race each other where ever, whenever.

Maximum Tune 4 also adds the "Revenge" system to the series for the Ghost Versus Battle. If another player beats your ghost driver, you'll receive a challenge from the player, allowing you to take "Revenge" against him.

The game also features eight new cars, a new race course, 20 new dress-up parts, a 32 inch wide monitor, 4.1 channel surround system, a separate Wangan Terminal for customizing your car, and support for the Banapassport Card system. The game is also network ready, allowing arcade operators to download new cards and courses periodically. Also, Data Cards from Midnight Maximum Tune 3DX Plus can be carried over to Midnight Maximum Tune 4.

8 new car models
  • Mazda Rx-7
  • Mitsubishi Starion
  • Nissan Skylin Coupe
  • Ruf CTR
  • Ruf RGT
  • Suburu Legacy B4
  • Toyota Crown Athlete
  • Chevrolet Corvette ZR-1

New challenges
  • Yokohama Nights, The Minato Mirai Line course.
  • Japan challenge.
  • Online champion match.
  • Team player options - links up to four players on location, or race friends across the world with the Ghost Versus Battle mode.

20 dress up parts added
  • 83 customizable options to make the ultimate car!

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