Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune 5 Arcade Machine

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Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune 5 Arcade Machine is a racing and driving video game based off the popular manga series of the same name.

The game features several gameplay modes including:

  • Story Mode
  • Local Arcade Versus Battle Mode
  • Online Ghost Versus Battle Mode
  • Time Attack Mode
  • Extreme Vs Mode

Story Mode is where the original characters from the comic appear as your rivals in the story. Your mission in story mode is to race against these characters and defeat them. In addition, one of the features of this game is "Tuning (Step-Up)." Being able to tune your car (step-up) is a feature of Story Mode.

In Story Mode, you first choose your rival's level, then select an opponent out of the rivals that are of the selected level. You can freely change the levels and rivals within the time limit.

You win if you cross the finish line before your rivals (characters from the original comic book), and you lose if your rivals cross it before you. The game ends if the remaining time reaches zero.

You have to race one-on-one or in a group of three or more depending on the story.

Story Mode proceeds as follows:

-Episodes 1 - 10: The Return of Devil the Z

This is based on the story written in Wangan Midnight comics, volumes 1 to 3.
This the story of how "Akio," "Reina," "Black Bird" and "Ishida" got to know each other and the origin story of Devil Z.

-Episodes 11 - 15: Perfect GT-R

This is based on the story written in Wangan Midnight comics, volumes 3 to 5.
You'll experience an ultra high-speed Wangan line battle with Hiramoto and Harada.

-Episodes 16 - 20: The Akasaka Straight

This is based on the story written in Wangan Midnight comics, volumes 5 to 8.
This part of the story focuses on a battle with the ex-metropolitan highway runner, "Masaki." Can you reach 300 km/h on the tricky C1 inbound course?

-Episodes 21 - 30: Monster Machine

This is based on the story written in Wangan Midnight comics, volumes 8 to 13.
Enjoy the wild driving and wild stories of the tuners who are crazy about "Keiichiro Aizawa's" Supra.

-Episodes 31 - 40: R200 Club

This is based on the story written in Wangan Midnight comics, volumes 13 to 16.
Race against members of the "R200 Club" and witness admire "Kuroki's" passion for the 33R

-Episodes 41 - 50: Hanshin Circular Line

This is based on the story written in Wangan Midnight comics, volumes 16 to 20.
Take part in a race against Eiji Kamiya, a racer from Osaka who drives a Lancer Evolution. Don't miss this race on the Hanshin Expressway Circuit.

-Episodes 51 - 60: The legendary FC

This is based on the story written in Wangan Midnight comics, volumes 20 to 24.
Join a race with "Kijima," who will show you his obsession with the FC3S type RX-7, a "classic" car.

Local Arcade Versus Battle Mode, is where players verse each other in location, while Online Ghost Battle Versus Mode is where players can verse their friends w\even when they're not playing! Players will verse a ghost version of the player, as the game tracks and creates a replication of players driving styles! If the ghost version of the player is beaten, that player can then challenge the player who beat them to get even. NB: You cannot play the Online Ghost Versus Battle Mode if you are not using a BANAPASSPORT Card.

Time Attack mode is excactly what it sounds like, players race against the clock, trying to finish tracks with the best time. Meanwhile, The Extreme VS Mode changes up the already available VS Mode by reversing the start and goal points of familiar courses to give a fresh VS experience on well-known courses. Everything is backwards, curves and concourses, even junctions and obstacles, meaning a trap could be in unexpected places and the way to drive the course has entirely changed.

In Vs player mode, there is a "Free Branching System". The car that reaches the branching point first can decide whether the race will continue to the left or to the right. Here is an introduction to the branches you can select at each junction.

Courses in Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune 5 include:


A challenging technical course with high speed turns one after another that could only appear in a mountainous area.


An this course, big and small corners seem to appear from between the characteristic buildings such as Tokyo tower and buildings in Shiodome.

-Yaesu Line

Passing high over C1, going through narrow groups of buildings and underground passages, this is a tight, technical area. There are many tricky traps such as toll gates and more!

-New Belt Line area

This area is highly recommended if you want to enjoy Wangan World's "Battle in Ultrahigh Speed Area".
Not only does this course have straight lines and high speed corners, but there is a good balance in the intervals between the technical corners.

-Wangan Line area

An ultra long straight street with wide lanes for tens of kilometers!
Sharp judgment and true power are required to defeat jostling official cars on the road.

-Yokohane Line area

An area in Kanagawa which requires toughness and high speed.
Gentle corners appear rhythmically.

-Minato Mirai area

This is a high speed area in which you can race through central Yokohama and the port district and view many famous sightseeing spots.

Hanshin Expressway loop Line

A high-speed technical course in the Osaka urban area.
Unique corners are connected by long straight lines.

Nagoya Speed Ring

his high-speed course, with its characteristic undulating road and big hills and troughs, runs clockwise round the heart of Nagoya City.

Fukuoka Urban Expressway

An exhilarating high-speed zone course which provides a variety of landscapes. Run through ups and downs while undulating left and right at a fast speed.


Low-speed corners appear sequentially from between mountains with big height differences.
This is a thrilling technical course.

-Metropolitan Highway circuit(Tokyo Area)

An ultra long course that uses all the metropolitan Expressways in Tokyo area.
You may have to run through the districts you have never seen.

-Metropolitan Highway circuit(Kanagawa Area)

An ultra long, ultra high-speed course that consists of only high-speed areas such as the Yokohane Line and Wangan Line!

In Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune 5, players can also get a "Level" corresponding to their progress and a "Title" corresponding to their gaming style.

The first level is "N Class" and your level rises, one step at a time, when you satisfy certain conditions during the game. Your level will be displayed during the game and your level does not fall, even if you lose.

Your level rises as follows:
N Class -> C9 Class -> C8 Class -> ...... -> C1 Class -> B9 Class -> B8 Class -> ...... -> B1 Class -> A9 Class -> ...... etc.

The conditions you need to fulfill to increase your level in the first stages are as follows. There are also other conditions for increasing your level.

Story Mode

Your level goes up by 1 every time you complete 10 episodes. There are other conditions to further increase your level.

Online Ghost Versus Battle Mode

Your level rises based on No. of victories:

  • Your level rises by 1 if you win 20 times
  • Your level rises by 1 if you win 50 times
  • Your level rises by 1 if you win 100 times

In-store VS Player

Your level rises based on Outrun Stars:

  • Your level rises by 1 if you reach 20 stars
  • Your level rises by 1 if you reach 50 stars
  • Your level rises by 1 if you reach 100 stars

Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune 5 includes 9 new cars, including the Toyota GT 86, Subaru BRZ, Nissan Skyline RS-X, RUF Rt35, BMW M3 and Mercedes-Benz SLK.

This game is jam-packed full of features including BANAPassport cards, internet rankings, customization options, and much much more!


  • 4 Unit and Terminal Setup: 457W x 150D x 206H (cms)
  • Wangan Terminal 75W x 58.5D x 215H (cms)
  • Single Unit Setup* 88W x 150D x 206H (cms)

  • based on dimensions of WMMT 4

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