Warzaid 4 Player Arcade Machine

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A shooting video game based on the armed forces. Four players can play simultaneously as a platoon. Features a multiple function gun unit system that acts as a rifle, a machine gun, a scope and a rocket launcher.

World Combat is a military themed first-person light gun shooter. Players play as an army soldier, or up to 4 players can play as a platoon as they are thrown into the chaos of a war that features soldiers, flamethrowers, tanks and skeletons. Although working together as a cohesive platoon, players compete against each other for the highest score during the mission. The player with the highest score at the end of each mission gets an extra life and is responsible for important decisions in the next mission, such as choosing the path their platoon will take.

There are 10 missions. Each mission has a time limit (between 3 and 6 minutes), and there is a boss at the end of each stage. There are also 4 challenges which bring variety to the game. Challenges range from preventing the enemy from crossing a border, destroying all the tanks and shooting down missiles. If you do not manage to complete the mission before the time limit ends, each player loses a life rather than the game ending suddenly.

The game is also known as World Combat is some regions.

  • wide 8:3 screen ratio
  • 2 29" monitors
  • movie quality graphics

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