Wave Runners GP SD

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Sega Amusements Europe Ltd go to the seaside with the release of the action packed wet adventure - Wave Runners GP Standard. Sega challenge all water lovers to a teeth grinding race on a faithful recreation of the brand new YAMAHA GP 1200R. Wave Runners GP Standard is linkable up to 4 players and puts you in the saddle of the latest and most powerful YAMAHA GP 1200R and pits your racing skills against each other or up to 14 computer generated expert speed racers. Racers confront a choice of three inspiring courses and are absorbed into the 29" monitor. The standard cabinet design follows in the footsteps of its bigger brother the deluxe cabinet, but is much easier and cheaper to locate in smaller locations and single sites.

From steering and sharp turns to the landing of heart stopping jumps, this game brilliantly recreates the feel of Jet Ski riding. Open sea courses are laid out among southern islands where the mid summers sun beats down all day long and inland waterway courses set amongst city landscapes where the hustle and bustle of business life continues oblivious to the racing action. And these are only a few of your many options! This game is so visually stunning that it holds unprecedented excitement for the avid watersport enthusiast as well as the arcade video fan.

Game Play
  • 1. Race like a champ, only using the accelerator. Wave Runners have no brakes, so while racing you must speed up and slow down using only the accelerator. Subtle use of the accelerator will allow you to run across the crest of the wave at will.
  • 2. Watch out for your rivals' wake. The wake of the wave is made as the Wave Runner runs across the surface of the sea. Just like in real life, in this game, riding in your rivals' wake will affect your control. Watch your rival closely so that you can avoid the peril of riding in his wake.
  • 3. Watch out for changes in the course. Each time around the course, the water level changes. So a jump that was not there before may appear above the water surface the 2nd time around. Take the fastest route depending on the course changes.

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