Whack N Win Arcade Machine

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Whack N Win Arcade Machine is intuitive, challenging, and rewards players of all skill levels. The patented sensor pad allows for all age groups to give it a WHACK, and skill the lights into the win zone. This is a game of SKILL and not strength!

Think you're ready to test your skills? Grab a sledgehammer and let's see! With one of the most classic arcade games of all time, Whack N Win will bring your excitement to a whole new level!

Whack your way into the BONUS win zone by using your SKILL to hammer the sensor pad and attempt to win the Bonus!

Ceiling height issues? NO PROBLEM! A 9 foot version is available!

ICE's classic amusement game encourages people of all ages to play, and is perfect for any location!


  • 9ft Dimensions - 109.5W x 122D x 277H cm 180kgs
  • 11ft Dimensions - 109.5W x 122D x 345.5H 180kgs

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