Willy Wonka Pinball Machine - Limited Edition

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Step into the famous Wonka's Chocolate Factory for an unforgettable pinball adventure with Jersey Jack's Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory Pinball machine. Experience the sweetest game in pinball with a pinball adventure full of fun, surprises and magic around every corner.

The Limited Edition machine includes exclusive cabinet artwork and backglass, as well as a Wonkavator Super Ball lock. It includes a shaker motor and invisiglass, as well as Sparkle Blue cabinet armor, legs and wireforms.

All editions come with the Most Secret Machine, a spinning Everlasting Gobstopper, and Oompa Loompa camera toy and a miniature Wonkavision LCD screen.


• Sparkle Blue cabinet armor, legs
and wireforms
• Exclusive cabinet artwork and
• High gloss UV ink decals
• Wonkavator™ Super Ball Lock
• Numbered LE plaque (1 - 5000)
• External sound control
• Shaker motor


• Most Secret Machine™
• Spinning Everlasting Gobstopper™
• Oompa Loompa™ camera toy
• Miniature Wonkavision™ LCD screen
• LED Wonka™ factory sign
• Camera
• RGB LED lighting
• 27” backbox HD LCD
• 4 flippers
• 7 magnets

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