Wonderland Wars Online Arcade Machine

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Wonderland Wars online arcade machine is a multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game and follows the styles of online RPG's and tower defence games that are currently very popular.

The game is based around fairy tales and folklores, hence the characters, costumes, and settings are all very surreal and fantasy orientated. This also explains the vintage-style quill pen stylus control used to play the game.

This is essentially a tower defence sort of game, along the lines of what has become popular online with games such as League of Legends. In Wonderland Wars two teams of four players go head-to-head using hero characters, ravaging hoards of weaker NPC's and battling each other as they try to get to the other teams castle to destroy it. In typicval RPG fashion, players will earn experience from farming the NPC's and defeating the opposing hero characters, and will level up once certain XP thresholds are met.

Players use the joystick to move the characters and the touchscreen stylus (the quill pen) to activate skills and attack enemies. The game uses the Sega Nu system and must be connected to Sega's ALL.Net server in order to play the machines. Before playing players must make sure they have registered on the game's website and that they have an AIME or IC card.

Playable characters in the game include:

  • Cinderella / Shadow Cinderella
  • Alice / Shadow Alice
  • Phospore - Little Match Girl
  • Princess Kaguya - Tale of The Bamboo Cutter
  • Peter Kidd - Peter Pan
  • Iron Hook - Captain Hook
  • Kibitsu Kazuhiko
  • Beautiful Monkey - Monkey King legend
  • Scarlet - Little Red Riding Hood
  • Merrow the Siren - mermaid folklore

The cabinet artwork is highly detailed and uses a storybook theme on the marquee. More details to come.

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