Youth Dance Super Station Arcade Machine

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The Youth Dance Super Station Arcade Machine, also known as the 'Passional Dance Super Station' is a dance and rhythm music game which uses both floor pad sensors and motion sensors, requiring players to use botht heir hands and feet to hit notes!

This unique quality to the gameplay means players are even more involved in the game and are being extra physical as they dance their way through stage after stage. Plus, the Super Station is a two player machine allowing friends and foes to dance battle it out against each other, or, players can play on their own trying get the highest score.

There are several modes of difficulty, including Easy, Medium, and Hard, which makes this game suitable for players of all skill levels, as they select the difficulty on each song they play.

The cabinet features a large, widescreen LCD arcade monitor, two large speakers at the front, and LED lighting around the speakers and the dance floor to make it stand out in large locations. The motion sensors hanging from the top, surround each players dance floor, are also coloured to make the machine brighter and easier to see.

The Youth Dance Super Station arcade machine is well suited to large locations, such as dedicated arcades and Family Entertainment Centers, and is suitable for players of all skill levels.

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