Zombie Snatcher Arcade Machine

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Zombie Snatcher Arcade Machine is a prize and/or ticket redemption game which uses a rotary prize wheel as part of the game mechanics.

This eye-catching cabinet is a six player game in which each player has a mechanical arm facing therotary wheel with images of zombies on it. The players use the button to control the motion of the arm.

The cabinet also features a huge transparent top, bright LED lighting, and is compatible with a wide variety of prize offerings! The Zombie Snatcher game parameters, such as how fast the rotary wheel turns, etc., are operator adjustable and can be used in all ticket redemption centers by just offering bundles of tickets!

Zombie Snatcher is constructed of highly reliable components for years of heavy duty use, and comes with six door panels for easy access to all game controls, and its easy-to-open top makes restocking prizes a very simple operation.


▪ 1 to 6 Player Rotary Prize Wheel Game
▪ Compatibility With Wide Variety Of Prizes
▪ Can Be Used As A Tickets Or Prize Game
▪ Bright LED Illuminated Cabinet and Signage
▪ Very Reliable Hardware + Cabinet Design
▪ Easy To Use Operator Controls

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