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Heighway Pinball

Heighway Pinball

CountryUnited Kingdom
CategoryGaming Products

About the Manufacturer

Heighway Pinball, based in the United Kingdom, is your one stop for new pinball machines.

From one-off custom pinball machines to full production runs destined for the global market – Heighway Pinball is equipped to handle all your pinballing needs.

Heighway Pinball is incorporating the latest technical advancements to make its games the most fun, innovative and reliable pinball machines on the market.

From new game units that swap into existing Heighway Pinball cabinet units in a matter of minutes, to modular mechanisms that can be swapped over in no time, to non-mechanical switches that do not require wires to poke through the playfield, to the latest in LCD screen technology positioned uniquely in the middle of the playfield surface – these are just some of the ways that make Heighway Pinball unique.

At present, when pinball machines with specialist parts break down, they cease to create revenue, and alienate players – often for extended periods.

Heighway Pinball games employ modular mechanisms. In the event of a malfunction, a standardised spare part or replacement assembly can be installed quickly for the game to continue earning again.

Every major playfield mechanism has been redesigned to keep Heighway Pinball games running reliably on site for as long as possible. Parts and devices on traditional pinball machines that wear out or develop faults most quickly, are being minimised and, wherever possible, phased out altogether on Heighway machgines.

With the Heighway Pinball Game change System (HPGS), the latest games can be easily installed in established hardware units in a matter of minutes. Gamers will have a catalogue to choose from that prolongs the lifespan, amount of effort and, most importantly, cost, of owning a Heighway table.

When it’s time to rotate your games, playfields can be swapped with others without having to transport the usual heavy and bulky cabinets between sites.

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Full Throttle Pinball Machine Limited Edition
Full Throttle Pinball Machine Limited Edition

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Contact Details
OfficeUnited Kingdom
AddressUnit 35 Rassau Industrial Estate, Ebbw Vale, NP23 5SD
Phone+44 (0)1685 370190
Web Addresswww.heighwaypinball.com

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