29 inch 4:3 LCD Plug and Play Monitor for the Arcade Industry?

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Arcooda Manufacturing is gauging interest to make a special production run of 29" 4:3 LCD monitors suitable for older arcade machines such as Daytona USA, NBA and so on. There have been a number of problems matching current wide screen LCD with existing arcade machines due to 4:3 vs 16: 9 configuration, as well as video signal mismatches. This proposed special production run could be an effective solution.

In most cases, operators have been purchasing the widescreen LCDs and making panels to cover the smaller footprint as well as using video converters to upscale the images. The owner sacrifices monitor size for a sharper and brighter picture by retrofitting an LCD screen this way. Generally most production runs need 100,000 units for economies of scale, however Arcooda has mentioned there is an opportunity for smaller production runs. This smaller production run will have higher costs, however Arcooda is seeking feedback and interest from the arcade industry to see whether its viable to bring this product to market.

If you have any feedback or would like to show your interest, please contact Arcooda directly via sales@arcooda.com or through their Facebook page.

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