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Andamiro turns up the heat with Pump It Up Prime 2

PRIME 2 in action at IAAPA. Picture: Andamiro
PRIME 2 in action at IAAPA. Picture: Andamiro
One of the more talked about product releases made at the 2016 IAAPA Attractions Expo was Pump It Up Prime 2 by Andamiro.

The public was first made aware that PRIME 2 was in the works in June, when it was announced at Japan Pump It Up Fest. Andamiro debuted the new machine at the US trade show in November.

It will be available to buy from December 12.

PRIME 2 is the 15th instalment of the popular and renowned music and dance series by Andamiro.

The new LX cabinet includes 100 new songs, simple and easy card login and introduces a new auto velocity mode. The new features are promised to entice and entertain both novice and expert players.

The main changes in PRIME 2 compared to previous versions include:

  • To capture the attention of new players, PRIME 2 includes a tutorial for beginners explained by a new female character, who addresses the basic operation of the dance simulator.

  • New game modes. Players still have the basic mode and full mode (for professional players), however there are also exciting new modes for PRIME 2 including:

Rival Mode in which the user can compete to overcome other scores registered on the online platform of AM;

Auto Velocity Mode – designed to fine-tune the timing of the steps during the game features and;

Random Train Mode, which automatically provides a train with songs depending on the features that the user requires.

  • One hundred new songs have been added. Free quarterly updates are available. There will be new songs released online via the network, a musical collaboration with music video games O2Jam, Neon FM and EZ2AC, plus the addition of new musical content of Korean and Japanese origin. PRIME 2 promises to cover a large segment of contemporary music. There is also a major update due in 2018.

  • All content can now be updated via the online network (can be updated via USB as well), making updates quicker and easier than ever. It also means updates will be occur more frequently and will include additional new features in each exciting update.

  • Players can now see their rankings and rivals in real-time thanks to the online network system. The online system also includes various categories for players to compete in, such as Top Score Ranking and Top 10 Step Charts.

  • PRIME 2 will have multiple languages available for interface including Korean, English, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese.

Watch PRIME 2 in action at 2016 IAAPA:

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