Exciting New Arcade Exclusive: Dynamite Bomb!!

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A three-way collaboration between arcade industry heroes Gotcha Gotcha Games, Team EXA-AM2 and Light Green 8 has resulted in the development of an exciting new arcade-exclusive fighting title – Dynamite Bomb!! 

ExA-Arcadia posted a 1:42 minute teaser to their Youtube channel showcasing a selection of playable characters and gameplay. Dynamite Bomb!! Appears to be a fresh breath of life into the arcade fighting genre, with smooth gameplay and animation along with stunning graphics, while retaining that retro arcade feeling.

Dynamite Bomb!! Does not have a firm release date yet but we know it has been in the works for quite some time. We first saw the title revealed at IAAPA 2021 as a playable demo on exA-Arcadia.

You can view the teaser trailer below:
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