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Arcooda release more details about Arcooda Pinball Arcade

The Pinball Arcade Steam edition against the prototype Arcooda Pinball Arcade at 2016 IAAPA. Picture: Arcooda.
The Pinball Arcade Steam edition against the prototype Arcooda Pinball Arcade at 2016 IAAPA. Picture: Arcooda.
Arcooda has released more information about its flagship software, Arcooda Pinball Arcade.

The Australian-based manufacturer of arcade and pinball machines announced last week that it is working with FarSight Studios, creators of The Pinball Arcade, to develop the Arcooda Pinball Arcade software.

The software is an advancement of The Pinball Arcade, tailored exclusively for Arcooda’s arcade and pinball machines.

After receiving a number of inquiries about Arcooda Video Pinball, Arcooda released the following information on its website, Arcooda.com, on Monday:

"We have received a number of inquiries requesting further information on Arcooda Pinball Arcade, the latest video pinball software to be added to our Arcooda Arcade and pinball machines," Arcooda said.

"Please note the following:

• Both the Arcooda Video Pinball machine and Arcooda Pinball Arcade software are in prototype mode. The Arcooda Pinball Arcade software is currently being upgraded and modified to match our full sized Arcooda Video Pinball machine. Functions in the game software will now allow functions on the actual machine to work. For example, the shaker motor in the game software will now allow the shaker motor on the full sized machines to operate.

• Arcooda Pinball Arcade is software only and is a collaboration between Arcooda and FarSight Studios to create the most advanced video pinball experience. Over 70 The Pinball Arcade titles will be included on Arcooda Pinball Arcade. This will be part of a software range made exclusively available on Arcooda’s arcade and pinball machine product line.

See the Arcooda Pinball Arcade games list HERE.

• For Arcooda Video Pinball machine functionality, we will shortly ask our members to vote and comment on the features they would like included on the machine. This feedback will be very important, as it will come down to costs and interest. For instance, whilst we can add a cutting edge topper on the machine, are our clients willing to pay for this feature?

• During the 2016 IAAPA Attractions Expo we displayed a variety of game software titles, and periodically we showed the PC original version of The Pinball Arcade Steam edition, against the prototype Arcooda Pinball Arcade. At the time of IAAPA, we could only demonstrate stage one of the updates – 3 screen support, and one full sized table view. At launch, we will have a number of different camera angles, including some special features.

• The Arcooda Pinball Arcade software will be uniquely different to the current The Pinball Arcade software and as such, existing FarSight Studio customers will not be able to port over their account/software for free. However, Arcooda will offer very generous software credits and discounts.

• All our machines are being built with community support. Join our discussions and let us know what you like and what improvement you would like to see. We are trying to build the most advanced (and best) multi-function video pinball machine for both the home and coin operated market, both products to be released in 2017.

• We will be making regular press announcements over these next weeks, including distributor information on where you can purchase the machines."



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