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Asia Amusement and Attractions Expo 2019 Show Report

Monster Eye 2 was displayed by Wahlap at AAA Expo 2019
Monster Eye 2 was displayed by Wahlap at AAA Expo 2019
The Asia Amusement and Attractions Expo 2019 was held in Area A of the China Import and Export Fair Complex between Thursday 9th of May to Saturday the 11th of May 2019. There were many impressive exhibitors at the show, and hundreds of amazing new machines and products.

Our standout exhibitors at AAA Expo 2019 included:
• Wahlap had an incredible display at this year's show, showing some big names like Mario Kart Arcade GP DX, Overtake VR Arcade, Initial D Zero, Halo: Fireteam Raven and Rabbids Hollywood. Wahlap also displayed its newest titles: Speed Driver 5 and Super World Cup. Other games included Bounty Ranger, Hero Robots, Power Point and Monster Eye 2.

• UNIS displayed many interesting machines including Derby Champion Club, Raising a Rukus, Fantasy Soccer, Ultra Moto VR and Night Hunter 2. They also displayed a cocktail and arcade version of Atari PONG and Flash Basketball, two of their most intriguing machines. Other games displayed included Jurassic Park, Super Bikes 3, Snow Ball Drop, Monster Hunter, Zombie Night, Sound Voltex and Dancerush Stardom.

• Tecway displayed many machines including MemoPark Kamillo Dragon Kiddie Ride, Speed Kart, Miner Gold, Police Kiddie Ride and Armor Hero. However two of their most interesting games were Speed Bowling (a life-like bowling game with real pins) and Cyclotron.

• Luck & Jinying displayed a ball drop machine, where players must press the button multiple times to drop balls into the containers below, thus earning points.

• Ocean displayed many machines, including Space Trip, where players must launch a ball and get it into a coloured hole. Each hole is awarded different point values. They also displayed their King of the Big Wheel redemption machine, where players must spin the wheel and are awarded points for what it lands on. Ring Bottle and Time Gear also made appearances, with Ring Bottle being a traditional ring toss style game. Time Gear got players to turn the gear like controller to move the gears on the backboard, with the ultimate goal to get the ball to the points at the bottom.

• Sega displayed many machines at the event, including their Pixel Chase machine. This brand-new skill-based redemption machine gets players throwing as many balls as they can into LED lit target holes.

• RuFeng Space displayed their Soaring Machine, where players launch the ball and it catches on platforms on the way back down. Players are awarded points for where the ball lands. They also displayed Star Raider, where players push the button to stop the spinner, which will then spit out balls based on where the spinner lands. These balls will then travel down the playfield and fall into the holes, and players are awarded points for where the balls fall. RuFeng Space also displayed Siege Plan, where players control a ship to target the castle. Players must maneuver the ship using the dial to destroy the incoming water and fireballs.

• Shijia displayed their X-team machine, an arcade cabinet with a pandora's box 9 inside, letting the player choose from multiple games. These cabinets have two sets of Joysticks side by side, to allow for cooperative and verses play on the one machine. They also displayed their G-Zone Machine, which appeared to have three arcade cabinets connected to the one unit. This unit acted as a hub for the cabinets, however players could choose to play individual games on their side/cabinet.

You can check out these machines and more in our show video.



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