ATRAX 2019 Gets Attention with its Happy Cities Theme and University Special Section Project

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ATRAX 2019 was the 7th exhibition for ATRAX, and aimed to bring together large scale stakeholders of the attraction and recreation industry with innovative ideas. Held in Turkey, ATRAX 2019 introduced the latest innovations and services in this sector of the world to many municipalities as well as shopping malls, hotels, housing project companies, corporations, organisers and investors.

This year, ATRAX 2019 brought to the forefront the attraction and
recreational projects that created more opportunities for socialising
and activities, and focused on the happiness of the residents in the
city through its Happy Cities Theme. In relation to this theme, it also offered a competition titled "University Special Section", where it rewarded the best ideas offered by universities and shared these ideas with industry representatives via a dedicated conference.

This project aimed to support and share with all its stakeholders municipal park projects that supported the branding and marketing efforts of cities with other rights to shape the future of these cities. It also brought together theory and practice in the same platform in order to contribute to the efforts for providing higher quality products and services in the recreation and events industry. The project was comprised of departments in recreation, sports science, communication, architecture and city planning to provide coordination among different disciplines and to help universities meet with manufacturers, investors, event managers and service buyers. The project is planned to be implemented on a larger scale in the coming year.

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