Bandai Namco Bringing Classic Arcade Game Back With Galaga Assault

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Bandai Namco Entertainment is bringing the famous classic arcade game, Galaga, back to the arcades in this revamped video redemption arcade machine titled Galaga Assault.

Similar to Namco’s previous revamps, such as Pac-Man Chomp Mania, etc., Galaga Assault features a shorter game play experience where the goal is to take down 100 enemies and face the Mothership for the jackpot.

The cabinet features a 42″ 1080p High Definition monitor, RGB full colour rotating LED lights on all 4 sides of the monitor, green RGB lighted T-molding down the sides of the cabinet and a large modern Galaga themed marquee and artwork.

It has been reported that the arcade game is the product of a partnership between Raw Thrills and Bandai Namco Amusements yet again.

Galaga Assault is listed on the Bandai Namco UK site and describes some of the features of the game and how to play:

“Each game of Galaga Assault is separated into two stages. Standard round; destroy 100 enemy ships without dying to net points and move onto next stage. Mothership round; after reaching the goal of destroying 100 enemies, your Galaga fighter will be warped to the Mothership round where you can win the ‘Jackpot’ by destroying the Mothership. Galaga Assault uses points to ticket conversion and includes unique features such as buying more ships, QR code scanning and Amusement Mode.”

The unique features are interesting in that they are used to encourage repeat play and loyalty among players. “Buying more ships” would indicate there are in-game purchases, while QR code scanning is usually used to do high score tracking or online leader boards, so it’ll be interesting to see how that plays into the arcade version. There are currently no confirmed details about what the Amusement Mode will involve, but this could potentially be a mode that switches it the gamer play to be more like the original game (endless waves of enemies).

Considering the timing of the release of this information and the fact so much information is available already is a pretty good indication that we can expect to see this game at IAAPA. The industry trade show will be taking place this month, and is often used by companies as the launching pad for their new product line up for the following year.

More news on this as it becomes available.

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