Bandai Namco Exhibiting Star Wars and Lost Land Adventure Games at IAAPA

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Bandai Namco Games will be exhibiting a line up of new games, such as Star Wars Battle Pod and Lost Land Adventure, at the IAAPA show in Orlando, Florida this month.

The IAAPA show in the US, is one of the industry's biggest shows and many operators take the opportunity to display their line up of games for the upcoming year. This year Bandai Namco has an exciting line up of games for the US to enjoy.

Their new licensed game, Star Wars Battle Pod, will be making an appearance in all it's dome screen, simulator glory. This machine is sure to be hit in the US market, due to the continuing phenomenal success of the franchise which has a huge fanbase in the States.

The other exciting game to be put on show is Lost Land Adventure. This is also a dome screen, fully enclosed cabinet, however, it is a light gun game for two players. It has an interesting co-op/competitive game play style, which requires players to work together in order to complete stages and take down bosses or monster hoards, but simultaneously players are also being scored and are playing to win!

Both these games look like a lot of fun, and in conjunction with other Namco games using these technologies and game styles - like Mach Storm - there is a clear industry trend that appears to be happening, one that is really focused on providing immersive and unique out-of-home entertainment.

Other games that will be on display at this years IAAPA this month from Namco will include the Mario Kart GP DX arcade driving machines and the Super Alpine Racer skiing simulation game.

If you would like to check out the videom of the Star Wars Battle Pod in action, click here, or you can check out the video for the Lost Land Adventure below (courtesy of Bandai Namco):

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