Bandai Namco Launching a Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune 5 International English Version

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Bandai Namco Games is launching an international English version of the next in line of their popular car-driving series, Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune 5.

An English website has recently been launched for WMMT5, for international customers to check out the new elements and features, as well as what the new cabinet and terminal is going to look like.

The cabinet has a new red and black design, with a 32" LCD monitor, HD graphics, a H-shaped 6 speed shifter, large diameter steering wheel, 4.1 surround sound system, and LED lighting all over the cab to ensure it is always brightly lit and noticable. Again, WMMT5 will be using the BANAPASSPORT system.

The game has a massive 60 episodes to play through in Story Mode, as well as a number of awesome features. Composer Yuzo Koshiro is back with new music for this most recent installation, there is also a new Extreme VS Mode, a new VS Grading System, a new course, a new use of the Maxi Coins and new car models (including BMW and Mercedes).

The Extreme VS Mode changes up the already available VS mode by reversing everything in the courses, so they become unfamiliar. The start and goal points are reversed, the curves, concourse, junctions, and obstacles are all backwards. In addition to this, all race information - remaining distance, curve warnings, the mini-map, rival distance, etc - is all hidden, and the race distance changes every time! Players will never know what to expect, making this the most exciting mode to be exhibited in a WMMT game!

There is also a new grading system. There are now four types of medals awarded in VS matches: "VS Medal", "1 Car Outrun Medal", "2 Cars Outrun Medal", and "3 Cars Outrun Medal". Collecting VS Medals will increase your VS Ranking, which players should keep raising to help them defeat rivals. While this is happening, you wil also acquire Aura Motifs, which you can collect and change around at the terminal.

A new course, Mt. Taikan, has also been added. It is a challenging, technical driving course with loads of high speed turns and requires players to be alert both going up the mountain and coming back down again! Maxi Coins has also been carried over and revamped as 'Ghost Battle Trophies'.

Check out the first movie trailer for this exciting game:

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