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Bandai Namco Shipping Time Crisis 5 Upgrade Kits

Bandai Namco Shipping Time Crisis 5 Upgrade Kits
Bandai Namco Shipping Time Crisis 5 Upgrade Kits
The Time Crisis 5 arcade machine began shipping in January and is now "twice the game it once was" thanks to a new upgrade kit from Bandai Namco, code named the "Mastermind Edition", that expands game play to six full stages!

Each stage now has a boss character to battle and a Major Boss at stages three and six; plus to help encourage repeat play from casual gamers, players can start their game at either stage one or stage four! There is also great news for operators who already own the cabinet - the update kit is free!

The Time Crisis 5 arcade machine has really made an impact since it's announcement for a number of reasons. The cabinet itself is the first game of this successful franchise to come with a brand-new, dual foot pedal system, which allows players to attack the enemy from both the left or right side. This is an important feature as strategy is important and players will have to utilize the pedals to maneuver to different angles to avoid enemy fire and gain advantageous attack positions.

The gun controllers have also been updated with a new weapon-toggle button to allow players to switch weapons during battle. The gun recoil mechanism has also been re-designed to ensure a strong feedback response while reducing the amount of maintenance.

For more information on how to grab an upgrade kit, contact your local Bandai Namco sales representative.


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