Bandai Namco Time Crisis 5 New Arsenal and Controller Improvements

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Bandai Namco Entertainment unveiled Time Crisis 5 late last year and details have slowly trickled in, such as this new information about an upgrade arsenal and sidearm controller.

Hype for Time Crisis 5 has gotten a little lost as it was overshadowed by many other very cool games Bandai Namco are bringing out, such as Star Wars Battle Pod and Tekken 7. However, there is a lot about Time Crisis 5 to get excited about!

The improved pedal system, the reduction of force feeddback in the gun mechanics for increased aim reliability, and now new gun information has surfaced!

There are two pieces of information in regards to this for fans to get hyped over, the first being the controller itself. In all previous version the sidearm controllers that players use to point and shoot came in blue and pink. Not that I think this ever really bothered anyone, but it is hard to feel spy-level badass with such bright weaponry - Namco has solved this issue (if you could even call it that) by making the sidearms completely black, styled after the popular Magnum (MAG) handgun. The controller also includes a bright red button on the side, which is how the players switch between the different items in their arsenal with ease.

Speaking of the arsenal, the second tidbit of information concerns a new item that has been added to the players arsenal - the Hand Cannon. This is a pretty epic looking weapon that is sure to do some serious damage.

Hopefully as hype over some of the other games subsides and Time Crisis 5 enters North America, we'll get more information on the game, machine, and what players can expect.

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