Belrus Gaming Congress Hosting Casino Business Tours in Minsk

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Belarus Gaming Congress 2015 will be hosting a casino business tour in Minsk as part of the 2015 trade show, held in Minsk on October 14-15 by Smile-Expo.

The tour will be a real WOW moment of Belarus Gaming Congress. Smile-Expo has been conducting such business trips with great success many times, and not just in Belarus! In 2015, everyone saw gambling backstage of Tbilisi (Georgia) and Kapchagay (Kazakhstan), and have started tapping into the attractions of these places.

Within the business tour to casinos in Minsk, you will:

  • Become familiar with advanced solutions of the Belarus gambling market;
  • Meet and communicate with experts, owners and directors of companies;
  • Open up new opportunities for the development of your businesses;
  • Try your luck in the game along with other participants of the tour.

The business tour in Minsk is a chance that should not be missed, which will give visitors an up close and person insight into the reasons for the success, the principles of operation, and win-win technologies.. Only here you will meet with those who are developing strategies for business development in the years ahead, who determine investment priorities and identify new opportunities for business success.

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