Benchmark Games Shipping Power Drop X-Treme in Mid August

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Benchmark Games is now offering a 13.5 ft. single-player game called Power Drop X-Treme (or PDX for short). The game is the latest addition to Benchmark's list of ball-drop games and draws on the company's extensive experience with that style of game.

"PDX is a pretty compact model when you think about it," said Tony Maniscalco, VP of Sales. "Measuring a mere 25 sq. ft. (a 5 x.5' footprint), it will surely become an operator's best earning game, per square foot."

"We have been asked by operators for a single-player version of Monster Drop X-treme," Benchmark topper Al Kress said. "We resisted because of the huge earnings generated by the two-player Monster Drop X-treme. Then we reconsidered: Why deprive a location that can't afford the space or budget for a Monster Drop X-Treme? The PDX solves both issues and will begin shipping in Mid-August."

Company execs explained that PDX's further appeal is that the marquee, while measuring an impressive 13.5 ft. tall, can be lowered to a still-whopping 11.9 ft. using the factory installation brackets.

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