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Bob Deith of UK Deith Leisure Passes Away

Bob Deith, of UK based company Deith Leisure, Passes Away
Bob Deith, of UK based company Deith Leisure, Passes Away
On Friday, March 6, the amusement industry suffered a great loss with the passing of Bob Deith, an industry pioneer.

Deith is a well-known industry figure having set up distribution, manufacturing and operations extensively in the UK and Europe. He also acquired many of the major agencies during his time at Ruffler and Deith, then at Deith Leisure, distributing for major factory names like Sega.

Following his service in the Merchant Navy, Deith began his game sales career in the 1960s at London Coin, before starting a business with the late Bill Ruffler in 1974 under the name Ruffler and Deith; however, it was Deith Leisure that became well-known and trusted within the industry.

The company was sold to Sega in 1991, but was bought back (with the backing of Spanish gaming giant Cirsa), and Deith finally sold the company to Jack and Ashley Temple, who later passed it on to Crown.

Deith had three sons – Simon, Leon and Matthew – all of whom have entered the industry and been quite successful. The eldest son, Simon, moved to the U.S. in 1983 and has enjoyed success operating the import-export firm Deith Distributing and the domestic concern Deith Amusement and Vending. Back in the U.K., the other two sons, Leon and Matthew, also pursued various industry roles, working for prominent game factories and, at one point, setting up a distributorship with their father, the Deith Group.

Deith is survived by his three sons, his wife Ely, and five grandchildren.

Having worked with the Deith family for many years, Highway would like to express our deepest sympathy, our thoughts and prayers are with you through this tough time.


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