Capcom Annouced New Arcade Machines - Luigi's Mansion and Monster Hunter

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Capcom has announced the addition of new machines to their long running arcade family - Luigi's Mansion and Monster Hunter: Hunter Training School.

First up - Luigi's Mansion Arcade! This is a Nintendo console game developed by Capcom for arcades and it quite recentlty just finished testing in Japan. It looks like it will be a light gun game in a sit-diown theatre cabinet, which is a style of cabinet which has been getting increasingly popular over the last few years and continues to be developed by a number of companies (think Deadstorm series, and machines like that). However, instead of shooting monsters you suck up the spectres!

This is not the first time Nintendo has collaborated with an arcade company, selling character and brand licenses to create fun and engaging arcade machines - think Namco's hugely popular Mario Kart series. It'll be interesting to see the success of this game and where it will go from here.

Next is the Monster Hunter: Hunter Training School arcade machine. Again, from the look of the cabinet, this will be another sit-down shooter in a theatre cabinet. There's not much information on this machine yet, except that it will be featured in the new attraction opened by Capcom, Challenge Park.

Hopefully we will get more information on these games soon!

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