Capcom Released Luigi Mansion & Crossbeats REV. Arcade Machines in Japan

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Capcom has now officially released in Japan two new games that they have been promoting since late last year: Luigi Mansion Arcade and Crossbeats REV. Arcade machines.

Crossbeats REV. Arcade is a new rhythm game by DDR creator Naoki Maeda that uses a touchscreen control. Mr. Maeda has already mentioned that the possibility of this machine making it over to the USA is strong (at least as location test at Round1USA or Dave & Busters).

The other game to release this month was Luigi Mansion Arcade, which was unveiled last year. This is a light gun game by Capcom, that uses vaccum styled controllers, and Sega is assisting. The game has been fairly well received at shows and during location tests, so it would be great to see an English version come out West.

To celebrate the release, there has been some more game play footage published (around 9 mins worth), which you can watch below:

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