CEO Gary Stern Paints Face For Replay In KISS Inspired Photoshoot

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CEO of Stern Pinball, Gary Stern, has been promoting the latest license from their product line up - the KISS Pinball machines - with a new KISS inspired photoshoot with Replay magazine, painting his face black and white in the Gene Simmons demon style.

The comnpany shared some behind the scenes photos from the shoot on their facebook page, showing Gary Stern in black and white face paint and suit, standing next to their PRO model KISS pinball machine, which features all four faces from band members along the sides against purple and red flames.

Following the photo shoot, Gary Stern then drove around the neighbourhood in his convertible (top down) while still wearing the face paint, shocking fellow drivers and onlookers.

This photoshoot comes on the heels of a short documentary Stern released, which was a behind the scenes look at the production of the KISS pinball machines (which you can watch below).

The company has recently been stepping up their promotional game, with WWE Wrestlemania touring the US and Australia (toured with the Australian Supanova team, where the show promoted the pinball by holding amateur wrestling shows and competitions, as well as participating in a national pinball competition) and now with the KISS photoshoot and coverage, and behind the scenes releases.

Check out the photoshoot videos and KISS documentary below:

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