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China Stops Imports of Coin Op Equipment

China Stops Imports of Coin Op Equipment
China Stops Imports of Coin Op Equipment
As a major industry setback, Chinese Congress has made it illegal for the China coin op industry to import and distriubute new equipment. In a move which will see many people suffer, from this Monday it is illegal for any company or person in China to import coin operated equipment and parts and sell to each other.

With an increase in violence associated with amusement parlours, the Chinese government has seen amusement machines as harmful to students and younger people who may not be able to afford to play news games, needing to steal and undertake illegal actions. Last month in Si Chuan, there was a murder in an arcade over people playing an arcade machine and also increases in trouble with and around arcade centres.

To operate coin operated amusement machines in China needs special permits whilst gambling machines are outlawed altogether. Exports ex China do not have restrictions. Hong Kong has not been restricted however and is free to import and distribute new equipment in Hong Kong.

As a significant impact in the region it has placed the new Konami venture into turmoil along with many arcade operators who cannot upgrade any of their machines.


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