Coin-operated Amusement Devices Market to Exceed $10.5 Billion in the US by 2015, According to New Report by Global Industry Analysts, Inc.

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GIA announces the release of the US and German report on Coin-operated Amusement Devices. Coin-operated Amusement Devices market is projected to exceed $10.5 billion in the US and $1.6 billion in Germany by the year 2015. Demand for Amusement Devices with Prizes, which represents the most popular coin-operated amusement devices in Germany, is continuing to increase, primarily due to the new Gaming Ordinance.

Coin-operated amusement devices refer to devices, either electronic or mechanical, that operate only after one or more coins are inserted into the device. These devices are designed for general public amusement and therefore can be found at public places. Some of the most popular coin-operated amusement devices include pinball machines, jukeboxes, electronic games, kiddie rides, pool tables, shuffle alleys, video games, as well as slot machines.

The industry comprises of establishments that are mainly involved in operating coin-operated amusement devices in either their own place of business or places of business of others. The places of business accommodating one or more video games arcades usually are locations such as shopping malls, retail stores, restaurants, bars and taverns. Other locations that may house coin-operated amusement devices include grocery stores, hotels, truck stops and bus terminals.

Family Fun Centers are one of the most popular establishments for coin-operated amusement devices in the US, as stated by the new market research report on Coin-operated Amusement Devices. Coin-operated amusement devices can be found in large establishments such as arcades, family entertainment centers, casual dining facilities, and gambling operations including casinos. Unlike in most establishments, slot machines are popular in casinos, where they contribute significantly to the revenues.

Amusement Devices with Prizes represent the most popular coin-operated amusement devices in Germany. The demand for these devices is continuing to increase, primarily due to the new Gaming Ordinance. The new installations, however, are declining for Amusement Devices without Prizes, especially for score game devices and pinball devices, due to their decelerating popularity in the country.

The report titled ''Coin-operated Amusement Devices: A US and German Market Report'' announced by Global Industry Analysts, Inc., provides a review of the industry, market, trends, product introductions, recent industry activity and coverage on major market participants. The study analyzes market data and analytics in terms of annual product shipments for the US market, and in terms of dollar sales and unit installations for Germany.

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