Dave & Buster's Offering Apps Of Popular Redemption Games

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Dave & Buster's is now offering their customers three new smart phone apps based on popular coin operated redemption games that are used in stores.

The games that have been re-configured include highly popular redemption games such as Big Bass Wheel by Bay Tek, Speed of Light by LAI, and Tippin' Bloks by ICE.

To transform redemption machine game play down to a smart phone obviously comes with it's own challenges, and as a result these games are slightly altered. For example, the ticket values on Big Bass are fixed on the big game but they flex on the app.

The phone apps are free to download, but players will be offered extras for a price, most likely in-game. In the place of tickets, players will receive points and all points won will get transferred onto Dave & Buster's Power Cards.

"The whole idea here is to draw people into our locations," said D&B's Kevin Bachus.

The aim of creating the apps is to not only encourage more people to enter locations by giving them points to spend, and keeping them engaged with the games by allowing them to play them and earn from it, even when they aren't at the machine themselves. Whether the marketing solution will be successful or not is a case of wait-and-see.

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