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EA Sports NASCAR Racing: Version 1.1

EA Sports NASCAR Racing - DX Motion Cabinet
EA Sports NASCAR Racing - DX Motion Cabinet
EA Sports NASCAR Racing has received an update from manufacturer Global VR. EA Sports NASCAR Racing Version 1.1 will support the ability to link up to 10 game cabinets together in one location – currently the only game to support such a feature. The updated version also supports Global VR's motion platform, and introduces new operator adjustable features such as the ability to turn on and off certain tracks.

John Ray, GLOBAL VR's Vice President and Executive Producer commented, "We knew we had a winner from the beginning. The license is terrific, the cabinet design unique, and the game play is easy for beginners while being challenging for hard-core fans. What we are most pleased about however, is the overwhelming increase in revenue locations and operators enjoy when games are linked. We know for sure that games are played longer and more often when players can race against others. It brings the experience to a different level."

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