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EAG Implement Digital Show Entry System for 2016

EAG Implement Digital Show Entry System for 2016
EAG Implement Digital Show Entry System for 2016
Organizers of the EAG International show, opening on January 12-14 in London, have confirmed they will implement a digital system for show entry that is expected to get attendees onto the show floor faster and more efficiently.

For previous shows, EAG has always mailed visitors their badges; instead participants will immediately be issued a barcoded ticket after registering online. The ticket can be edited at that time to ensure accuracy.

The process will be as follows: Register online; receive barcoded ticket directly to their email; attendees print off and bring that ticket to the show where they can scan it at one of the many smart terminals present at the show's entrance; the terminal will then print the attendee's badge to enter the show. The smart terminals scanners will also safeguard visitors in case they lose or damage their physical ticket, as they are able to read the barcode off a smart phone of tablet.

"We always felt that the mailing of badges was a nice personal touch but we were totally reliant on the postal service during the busy run-up to the holiday season," said organizer Karen Cooke. "It's also very easy to mislay a badge prior to arrival to the show in January."

"The new process brings EAG International right up-to-date and should be easier for all participants," continued Cooke. "It will also help avoid any potential congestion as the show opens."

Registration for EAG is available at www.eagexpo.com.


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