European launch of the Taito Landing High at the Electrocoin preview

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The new Airplane simulation game was launched by Electrocoin in the UK today
at their annual summer get together, it is hoped that this sequel to landing
gear will to be just as good an earner and as its predecessor, the general
feeling was very positive.

The Korean KYF Simulator was shown along with their new sketch
machine and talking teddy dispenser, Dave Smith industry vet from Atari
Sega is now heading up their European Sales.

notable new games at the show was the Automatic Ice Cream vendor distributed
by Deith Leisure ( with Neil Robinson and James Mansell in the photo),
not only was the Italian Ice Cream delicious but the bear also turned his
head and sung a song whilst you waited!

from a nice social occasion at a quite time of year for European

sales, the air was hot with speculation on who will take the Sega distribution
in the UK. the four current bidders are Harry Levy-
Cromptons- Crown Leisure and Electrocoin. We wish them all well
with their bids.
Next door UDC also had their open day and Mark and Derick Horwood
were on hand to supply much needed refreshments on a surprisingly warm
English Summer day.

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