FX Simulation tour specially designed motion simulator

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FX Simulation (UK) Ltd will be touring a specially designed motion simulator at boat shows and events throughout 2009. The simulator is themed after the P1 Powerboat Grand Prix event, with the ride consisting of over 30 minutes of powerboat racing and branded in the P1 livery.

The simulator will follow the P1 Powerboat Grand Prix circuit, and will also be shown at boat shows in Dubai, Genoa and Monaco.

"The management at P1 saw the potential to promote their brand while at the same time earn revenue. When the simulator is not on tour it will be sited in a prominent location in London to generate income and bring attention to the sport." Said Alan Fleming of FX Simulation, "The Special Projects Division is a new part of FX Simulation which has been specially created to handle custom simulation projects such as this."

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