Get Ready for Golden Tee 2017 - Features Trailer Has Dropped!

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Golden Tee 2017 is set to release at the end of this month and to get ready for it's release, Incredible Technologies has dropped the new Features Trailer!

The new trailer is promoting the features and the differences between this upcoming edition and previous editions, as well as the differences between the LIVE, Offline Coin and Home versions which is handy for players.

Golden Tee 2017 will include 60 courses all up and will introduce five brand new courses for players to enjoy, titled Juniper Falls, Pine Coast, Ruby Rock, Sandy Reef, and Teal Gardens Japan.

The 2017 edition will also include a new online game called Closest to the Pin, which looks like a one-shot type of game and records players personal best scores. Another new feature for the online version looks like a game called Freaky Friday with new combo courses where different existing courses will be mashed together for a fun crazy course every week.

Another new feature for Golden Tee 2017 Online is the ability to invite friends to a private contest! This will really personalise the experience for players and encourage them to get their friends involved.

Other features include customisable putters using the GT Caddy App and use crazy items like giant candy canes, flamingoes and umbrellas to put; using the same app you can customise your golf balls with different attributes, colours and effects; and new customisable outfits for players to enjoy!

Below is the new features video with more details and footage:

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