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Golden Tee 2016 Shipping on September 28

Golden Tee 2016 Shipping on September 28
Golden Tee 2016 Shipping on September 28
Golden Tee 2016 is the next installment of the Golden Tee series and will begin shipping to devoted fans across the US on September 28.

Owners of Golden Tee are encouraged to contact Incredible Technologies (IT) now to reserve a machine in the first shipment, which always comes with a significant increase in earnings. Golden Tee dedicated Showpiece cabinets, complete kits, and Showpiece transfer cabinets (to convert older CRT models) will follow shortly after the first shipment.

The game includes five new 18-hole courses, bringing the total number of courses to an unprecedented 55,titled: Antelope Pass, Elkhorn Ridge, Hawthorne Manor, Volcano Palms, and Winding Pines. These new courses have trailers up online for players to have a sneak peak at them, which you can see via the Golden Tee LIVEWIRE website.

The course update also includes more money-making game formats than ever before. Joining Prize Play, CTTP, and the Daily Contest is Money Shot, a fast and easy skill shot game that encourages repeat play and awards hundreds of cash prizes each day. And for the casual offline players, Closest to the Pin has been added for non-prize play. This fast-paced format adds a new twist to local play and multi-player camaraderie in any location.

In addition to these new game formats, Golden Tee 2016 debuts an all-new, updated menu system designed to get players into the game faster and more logically than ever before. Every update also ships with a new keypad that easily mounts to the back of the Showpiece cabinet. This keypad allows players to check-in to their online player profiles without the need for a Player Card or credit card.

"Our focus this year is to eliminate excuses for players not to play," said Don Pesceone, IT's Vice President of Sales and Golden Tee's Project Leader. "Giving players a variety of options for check-in and payment through both the game and the GT Caddy app, along with a myriad of game formats at different price points and play lengths that will get players off their bar stools and over to the cabinet."

The Golden Tee 2016 cabinet also features a new control panel. Announced on their website on July 30, Sean McMenemy - Incredible Technologies senior artist - was tasked to recreate the panel earlier this year. McMenemy also led the charge on creating the 2016 marquee.

The reason for changing the control panel was simple: besides wanting to freshen up the look, the in-game menus in 2016 are undergoing a similar renovation. While we will dive deep into these advancements soon enough, the new front end menu screens called for physical adjustments to the actual cabinet.

“I looked at what we already had and just wanted to simplify the cabinet some,” McMenemy said. “Obviously nothing major was going to change. The buttons are still the buttons. The trackball is the still the trackball. The foundation of the control panel is still in place. But we wanted to eliminate as much text as we could and also freshen up the look a great deal.”

Beyond tinkering with the text, McMenemy and the Golden Tee team wanted to make the shot-making guide a bit clearer. To help accomplish this goal, the pullback on the control panel is now yellow while the push through is green. The hand motion/ball path key near the top of the control panel reflects these changes.

“I want this to stand out, and I believe they will,” McMenemy said. “If you’re a new player looking to experiment with shot shaping, this new look will help you find these shots a little quicker and easier.”

The color scheme, perhaps the most significant difference of all, also underwent a massive overhaul. The nature colors that debuted with Golden Tee 2005 are gone; replacing it is a sleeker look that has a “sporting-edge.”

“The changing of the menus really gave us an opportunity to dive in and make some adjustments,” McMenemy said. “The new control panel, we believe, does a wonderful job of advancing the game and staying consistent with a look that will be seen and felt from across the bar and during a game.”

Operators who preorder course updates for all of their online games will be automatically entered into IT's "AwesomeDraw" random drawing. Prizes include brand new Showpiece games, full game kits, transfer cabinets, and a host of other valuable prizes. "Preorders before September 20 will guarantee a spot in the first shipment," said Pesceone. "Updates require no money down and payments are spread out over a full year with no interest. Add in a chance at winning some awesome prizes and there is no reason not to order now for all your online games."

For more information, visit www.goldentee.com/2016.


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