GTI China Wrap Up - BAOHUI Exhibited Namco Licensed Pac-Man Feast

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GTI Asia China Expo 2015 Wrap Up - A number of new and exciting arcade and amusement game machines were on show at the recent GTI Asia China show, including Pac-Man Feast, a new Namco licensed machine exhibited by BAOHUI.

GTI Asia China Expo 2015 was a huge success with a great mixture of new and exciting machines from and for the Asian market, including driving games, sports games, air hockey tables, licensed machines, and kiddie games.

One of the most interesting games on the show floor was being exhibited by BAOHUI who was showing a licensed Namco game called Pac-Man Feast. This is a redemption, ball shooting game in which players must use a two-handle control to aim the ball cannon, and the aim of the game is to hit the moving target inside.

This is a unique concept compared to other Pac-Man games that have been released over the years and was quite popular during the show. The cabinet is quite long, and features a large Pac-Man on the side of the cabinet, which also features multi-colour LED lights and a little Pac-Man inside the machine who points to the target!

From what we know, Pac-Man Feast Arcade will be released in October and is only going to be made available in Asia at this stage. No news yet on any release dates for the West.

Another interesting licensed game was on show at the Sealy booth, titled NBA All Star Basketball DX, which comes in either the full adult size or 3/4 size kid version. What is most unique about this machine is that, it's not only a basketball sports game, but a card game too!

There are 150 collectors cards in total (100 normal cards and 50 'Metal' cards), which players receive by playing the game. Each card features a NBA player and each has its own feature reward, such as 'Add 10 secs' or '1 Extra Pt per Goal for 10 secs' etc., and players can use their cards throughout the game to assist them.

Sealy also had their upright fish arcade game Fish Fork Master on show as well, featured in a bright LED lit, two player cabinet! The underwater theme can be seen in the cabinet artwork and the machine also features a large LCD monitor, which displays the game in HD.

Topfull also had an exciting redemption game on show, titled Barnyard Bash, which is a 2 player, ticket redemption arcade game based on the popular mobile app. The idea is that for every square of pasture you claim, you get a point and can win extra points with the different kinds of sheep that are scattered around the playfield.

This vibrant cabinet features a 4 button control per player, and large colour-changing LED lighting which will draw in players from all across the floor!

WAHLAP had a number of new and popular games on show, including the new Storm Racer G Deluxe driving arcade machine, the popular kiddie ride game Dolphin Star, Magic Fairy, and a new LCD Whack'em Funky Gator machine!

The LCD Whack'em Funky Gator arcade machine is interesting as it redesigns the popular carnival game staple; replacing its mechanical charm with a video redemption game. The large LCD screen shows 5 holes from which the gators appear, and on the control panel there are 5 corresponding buttons. When a gator pops its head out of the hole, the player hits the corresponding button.

Also exhibited at the show was: Big Buck HD Wild; Time Crisis 5; Star Wars Battle Pod; Storm Racer G; TeraToma; Power Truck S; Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune 4; Lost Land Adventure; and much more!

You can see some of what was at show in the photos below.

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