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Highway Games Exhibiting At Australasian Gaming Expo 2016 with AMOA

Highway Games Exhibiting At Australasian Gaming Expo 2016 with AMOA
Highway Games Exhibiting At Australasian Gaming Expo 2016 with AMOA
Highway Games, among other dedicated amusement and arcade companies, will be exhibiting at the Australasian Gaming Expo 2016 later this year, with the NSW Amusement Machine Operators Association.

AMOA Secretary, Terry Williams, wrote an article for this month's issue of The Collector to celebrate the association's first official trip to AGE, as well as the trade deal struck between the association and AGE to create what is now the 'Amusement Trade Pavilion'.

Below is part of the original article from Williams:

The AGE is one of the premier expo events in Australia, and is also recognised as an International Event.

The Association had already been canvassed by AGE as a matter of course and, with the virtual collapse of the Amusement & Vending joint venture Trade Shows, a revised attitude towards a formal connection became a more logical proposition.

At the AMOA NSW Board Meeting of December last year it was decided to investigate the possibility, provided a positive response could be mustered from members willing to have a go at promoting their operating businesses to the decision makers within the Club and Hotel industries.

A survey outlining our intentions was sent to a small number of amusement exhibitors who were also operators, and a very positive response indicated there was more than enough support.

The approach to AGE was made early in January, a time when the exhibiting areas had already sold well, leaving little space for a collective block of adjacent stands.

Preliminary negotiations were met with enthusiasm and we were quickly encouraged to deal directly with GTA (Gaming Technologies Association), the owners the show.

The AGE is huge when compared with our traditional Amusement Trade Shows and we were determined to create a ‘presence’ that would be significant enough to attract maximum patronage to the amusement exhibitors at our sector of this expo.

The other ‘first’ will be the incorporation of a ‘games strip’; a row of amusement machines along an adjacent wall, each exhibitor providing one machine set to free play.

These ideas have been embraced not only by our exhibitors but the expo people too, who have given our sector the promotional title of ‘Amusement Trades Pavilion’.

The exhibitors already on board for this new venture are:
A&D Amusements, Amusinc, Arcade Trader, Austrojoy, Big Top Amusements, Escape Electronics, Highway Games, Newcastle Amusements (Fast Cash ATM), Penny Junction, RideOn! International, and Win’n’Grin. AMD will have product on the Newcastle Amusements stand.

A very interesting line-up with a promise of new product. Being a first, it will be very interesting to observe the outcomes they can achieve.

The arrangement this Association has with AGE is that we deal direct with our amusement industry exhibitors in the initial stages. As usual, exhibitors must be NAMOA members, and they can buy stands at a concessional rate only through AMOA NSW.

At the time of writing we only have a few stands left, so... be quick. Register your interest now.

Terry Williams
Secretary AMOA NSW
Phone” 02 9606 6509
E-mail: secretary@amoa.com.au

Highway Games will be exhibiting at the AGE 2016 show with AMOA, and we invite all Highway Games members to visit us at the show!


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